Getting back in the Game

I know – I know! It’s been a minute. I guess sometimes we need to give ourselves a break to grieve a big life change and figure out how to move forward in a new way. So here I am – trying to do just that. Many of you didn’t skip a beat, and I […]

Missing that fire in your belly?

  I’m gonna to give it to you straight, friends. I’ve been in the dumps myself like so many of you – devastated over all the lives lost and the madness of everything happening right now. I’ve had a moment where it hit me hard – “how many lives will be lost before I get back […]

💘 Cupid’s sending design tips for Canva! 💘

Design help is on the way, loves! I see you, DIY marketers!   You’re out here doing your thing promoting your products, thrilled and relieved that advertising and design are FINALLY accessible, and you don’t have to hire anyone to do it – am I right? Or maybe you hired one person to wear all the […]

Processing Ideas: Advice for Creative Freelancers

PSA FOR CREATIVES: Thinking about the importance of saying things out loud and sharing thoughts and ideas.  Stick with me here for a sec… Sometimes I get odd requests from clients about writing topics, but in talking with a dear friend, she gave me an excellent suggestion on how to pursue the subject. It reminded […]