Chaos, uncertainty, and the attitude we choose to keep.

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It’s hard to feel upbeat right now, isn’t it? Many may accuse us of being insensitive or aloof – perhaps assuming we don’t care or are far too detached from the chaos that is currently happening in our society.

That’s not at all the case; is it my eternal optimists! We’ve been through crap, lived through way worse! This situation can’t keep us down.

We’re just trying to maintain some sort of (albeit fleeting) normalcy and keep our businesses afloat. We’re trying to ignore the market tanking, and the panic that even the most level headed, educated among us are succumbing to.

Listen, it’s certainly NOT easy, but we all know small business is the hardest hit at a time like this, and it’s up to people like you and me to at least try to keep on keeping on. We know many new business success stories are born from times like these. We have opportunities now that we hardly ever get, am I right?

We now have an opportunity to pause in a manner we never get. We get to really think, learn and rethink what we thought we would accomplish this year, perhaps reinvent ourselves – and figure out where we can be of service at a time like this with the skills we currently have. We get to rethink what success looks like.

Listen, I know I’ve been through way worse than this, including a recession and some pretty heavy personal losses, and I know you have too. We will get through this! 

The question remains; will we give in to the fear that is causing us all to pause OR will we find a way to thrive amidst this turmoil?

Even as we retreat from physical interaction, there’s a huge opportunity to actually connect, to learn, and to understand. Panic is a choice, and so is productive generosity.    -Seth Godin

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