Getting back in the Game

I know – I know! It’s been a minute. I guess sometimes we need to give ourselves a break to grieve a big life change and figure out how to move forward in a new way. So here I am – trying to do just that. Many of you didn’t skip a beat, and I admire you for that!

For others, including me – it’s taken us longer to figure things out, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that we don’t stay down for too long.

Here’s to getting back to writing to you regularly and inspiring you to keep connecting with your customers and thriving forward, EVEN if it means we take more breaks along the way and grant ourselves TONS of grace for the down days.

On that note: I’d love to hear more about what your business has been going through! What do you want me to write about next? What marketing channels are you struggling with? I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s NEVER been more critical to UNautomate and infuse some good old-fashioned tools of communication into your marketing.

I recently re-read How to win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It’s worth re-visiting!

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