Missing that fire in your belly?

I’m gonna to give it to you straight, friends. I’ve been in the dumps myself like so many of you – devastated over all the lives lost and the madness of everything happening right now. I’ve had a moment where it hit me hard – “how many lives will be lost before I get back to MY privileged normal?” 😔
I made a conscious decision to get off social media for awhile. Everyone is now a therapist, a coach, a thought leader, a judge, a sensitive salesperson. It’s all just all too much for me.
I’m becoming a big ole’ softie in my old age. I am hopelessly human and find it hard not to get sucked in sometimes.
I’m feeling Toby Keith on a whole other tired level singing: “I ain’t as good as I once was” because I certainly feel defeated a lot of the time.
My how the years have flown, indeed, Toby.
So, in my time of grief and hopelessness and not knowing what else to do walking around the house with my shoulders slumped feeling like I got punched in the gut, I’ve been leaning into silence.
What should I be doing now? After all, I, too, have bills to pay and a business to try to keep alive.
Many, if not most, businesses see the service I provide as a luxury, making marketing and advertising something they will take care of themselves or just let go for now.
Let’s be honest tho. Shouldn’t we market ourselves now more than ever?
Sure, we need to say things differently. Yes, we need to be sensitive and focused on being helpful. It’s certainly NOT the time to push hard sales. In my time of grief, I haven’t known what to say without sounding too sad or preachy, so I’ve gone back to the basics – good old fashioned communication.
Like actually getting on the phone to talk to people.
Wanna guess how that went? (First of all, it surprises me how many people STILL don’t want to take a phone call, LOL) Others were so happy to escape their reality for a moment, have a laugh, and reconnect.
Other times those calls are filled with sad news. Although, there was one shining gem – an eternal optimist (if you are reading this, you know who you are) who is absolutely and unapologetically in it to win it. I’m not saying this person doesn’t care about what is happening, they are intensely focused on what they can control, and success is showing.
To that person, I want to say THANK YOU – for motivating me to get my head on straight again simply by being you and sharing your confidence and passion. Seriously, you have no idea how infectious your focus is.
If you are reading this and feeling powerless, I hope this serves as a not-so-gentle nudge to get your head back in the game and focus on what you CAN control.
Lead with your passion for whatever it is that still lights you up like a Christmas tree, and together we’ll come back stronger.
Sure, these days feel rocky and uncertain! Hasn’t it always been like this tho? When have our days, safety, and health ever been guaranteed? We were ALL just taking the good times for granted and letting them roll riding the wave until we all got kicked off pretty suddenly.
I don’t know many things, but here’s what I do know; you can’t push people out of where they are, but you know never know who might need a little of your fire and tenacity to light them back up!

xo, irma



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Friends, I hope you're hanging in there. The longer this…