Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Initially, we’ll set up a 15-minute call to evaluate your business goals and chat about next steps. The second meeting is usually a working hour to discuss branding needs and cultivate a content strategy that makes sense for your business. There will be a 50% deposit required for new clients.

Can I take this off my plate & hand it off to you?

I’d love to say yes! However, the best marketing plan involves collaborative measures. As I get to know you better, you’ll be able to take more and more off your plate and we’ll evaluate the results every 90-120 days to make sure we’re on the right track.

Do you handle digital advertising?

Yes! We can discuss more in-depth paid options.

What do your charges cover?

That depends on how and what you can afford to leverage. We charge by the project. Ask us about this!

Any DIY Solutions?

I LOVE TO TEACH! If you want a DIY approach and simply need some pointers, book an hour with us! Did I mention how much I love to teach?

What is your design process like?

WE LOVE TO ASK QUESTIONS! We’ll get familiar with your niche, likes, and dislikes. We will design between 2-4 concepts, that will include 2-3 sets of changes before you incur additional costs.