💘 Cupid’s sending design tips for Canva! 💘

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Design help is on the way, loves!

I see you, DIY marketers! 

You’re out here doing your thing promoting your products, thrilled and relieved that advertising and design are FINALLY accessible, and you don’t have to hire anyone to do it – am I right? Or maybe you hired one person to wear all the hats you don’t want to wear – hitting close to home? 

Can we be honest for a moment? It kind of shows. 

You’ve gone a little Canva cray, sweetie.

Your graphics have WAY too much content on them, causing your audience to scroll past them because, honestly, they give us a headache. 

If you are going to take the time to market online, why not try to shine and look a little more polished, dahling!

Yes, yes. Si. Si. We all know that just because you own Canva doesn’t make you a designer. That’s why they invented the app and even went so far as to put type combinations together for you. Trust me, a team of people that studied design put those together for you.

So. I put this handy dandy list of best practices together for you – some essential tips if you will: so maybe next time I see your promo post on my feed whether it be LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook – it won’t hurt my eyes, and people will start paying more attention. 😉

Design & Advertising 101: VISUAL HIERACHY people!

The biggest mistake I see is you try to cram WAYYYY too much information in one tiny graphic. Remember, less REALLY is more. Think of designing a room: there’s a focal point (a shining star if you will), and then there are elements throughout that will help carry your eye around the room (think backup singers). The same applies to visual marketing. 

You got a fabulous new logo, and now you want to shout it from the rooftop of your city and profess it’s love and commitment to it over and over again. 

Stop that.

Not every post has to have your logo on it, and branding goes far beyond your logo. It’s your look feel, vibe, voice, and color palette.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Stop with all the fonts.

Oh. And for heaven’s sake, please stop using the first script that pops up as an option in Canva. 🤮 Stick with two fonts that complement each other and learn to use your words more effectively! You don’t need to cram every single thing you want people to know in your graphic.

You’ve taken your love of emojis too far, and you know what that tells your audience? Maybe you can’t write, and you don’t know what to say… but less is more here too.

Think Beyonce. Think about how her backup singers and dancers complement her performance. They don’t try to outshine her, they enhance, DARLING!

Finally, I recommend planning and consistency. Do you want more tips like this? I can’t HEAR YOU (cue the sponge bob music) or read your mind, babes. 

Drop me a note – let me know what you want to learn next month!

Hasta la vista, baby.

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