Processing Ideas: Advice for Creative Freelancers

PSA FOR CREATIVES: Thinking about the importance of saying things out loud and sharing thoughts and ideas. 

Stick with me here for a sec… Sometimes I get odd requests from clients about writing topics, but in talking with a dear friend, she gave me an excellent suggestion on how to pursue the subject. It reminded me how proud I used to be as a young freelancer – wanting to hoard all the ideas and have all the credit. It’s ridiculous thinking about it now – what was I trying to prove? That I am some kind of creative genius or something? 

Ideas are ALWAYS better bounced around, in collaboration and community. I share this with you because it can become REALLY isolating working from home, and the more time we spend alone, the more stuck in our heads we become. 

Talk to people often, go to lunch, get outside, and don’t be afraid to bounce concepts around with your people – I promise the work you create will be THAT much better! Also, it feels AMAZING to give your friends credit and let go of that silly ego that tries to trick us into thinking we got this all by ourselves.

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