Old School is the New Cool

One on one. 

Every relationship, every time, that’s our goal.

We realize we can only take on so many retainer clients in this type of old school business model, but we continue to do it because our clients prefer it and we happen to be great at it. 

Much like an exclusive boutique, we strive to make every customer, without exception, feel like they’re the only ones. 

Admittedly, this approach has limitations that some may view as flaws — we won’t get uber-wealthy or build an empire this way, and it inhibits our ability to generate other revenue streams. So why do we continue to do business in this way? 

In a time where everyone is trying to automate everything and reach for more than they can handle, it is our humble opinion that old school will be the new cool. Clients will tire of bots and automation and crave service providers that still believe in good old-fashioned phone calls. I mean, it’s already happening! People are tired of fakeness and being lumped into some elusive data report.

Bottom line, the customer experience is not going away, like ever. As social media ads become more expensive and online and automated buyer experiences grow, we will organically return to the old-fashioned way of growing our business. 

Are you still keeping some old school methods of marketing in your business?

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