The purpose behind my work

I genuinely love my job. To be able to spend my days writing and creating with purpose – it’s THE BEST privilege to receive money for this gig.   Sure, there are parts about being a freelance creative that is not so fun like having to wear ALL the hats […]

Missing that fire in your belly?

  I’m gonna to give it to you straight, friends. I’ve been in the dumps myself like so many of you – devastated over all the lives lost and the madness of everything happening right now. I’ve had a moment where it hit me hard – “how many lives will be […]

Old School is the New Cool

One on one.  Every relationship, every time, that’s our goal. We realize we can only take on so many retainer clients in this type of old school business model, but we continue to do it because our clients prefer it and we happen to be great at it.  Much like an […]