It’s gonna take some next-level willpower to keep this thing cookin’.

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Friends, I hope you're hanging in there. The longer this pandemic keeps us home, the easier it is to slide into more relaxed habits and start to feel like, "why am I fighting this"? 

Trust me, I feel you on every level. 

I think many of us solo and small business owners are waking up with the best of intentions most days, and as more waves of bad news continue to hit us in the face, we are feeling deflated by the end of the day – if not worse.

YES. I hear what you’re thinking; I am grateful and better off than most! But even I find myself asking what’s the point of marketing myself now? How could I be so insensitive at a time where we can no longer hide and say, “hey that is only happening in another part of the country.” We are ALL in it now. 

We’re a hopeful bundle of nerves cautiously waiting in our comfy homes.

If you have worked with me before, you know I ALWAYS advocate for service-based marketing. Give, give, give your audience and clients what they want and need. You may or may not be surprised to hear that over the years, I’ve been met with a lot of pushbacks.

Well, if you’ve never listened to me before, I am asking you to consider the idea that you can revamp your marketing now, but DO NOT STOP.

THIS is the time you need marketing the most! You need to keep your name out there, but you definitely need to sell differently.

Don’t be a sleazy business owner. It was never cool to begin with. 

I will be giving away FREE coaching sessions in the coming weeks in 30-minute slots. If you or a friend you know need help coming up with a plan, I’d love to help. Tell your friends, too!

Marketing tip for business owners: I know you want to keep it positive, but acting like nothing is wrong doesn’t bode well in your online conversations.


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It's hard to feel upbeat right now, isn't it? Many…